30 Day LEGO Challenge

What’s more stressful, the onset of a pandemic or the reality that your children will be at home with you for the foreseeable future.  If the answer is the latter then to provide a welcome interlude for your kids, StaticVOID has set up a pandemic relief Minecraft world in the form of a daily build challenge, motivated by a 30 day lego challenge.

Each day a new block will appear with a button attached.  Click the button and be transported to a new island where signposts will inform you of the days challenge.

Please remember to be respectful to other peoples creations and work together.  NO lava or TNT, just fun building.


  • Make sure you have Minecraft – JAVA Edition installed
  • Email minecraft@staticvoid.co.uk with your username and ask to be added to 30 Days of LEGO
  • Go to multiplayer server minecraft.staticvoid.co.uk
  • Follow the signs to the 30 Days of LEGO (Look for the Pink portal and jump in)