The Cave Quest

The latest Minecraft update has bought us Caves & Cliffs and to celebrate some of the wonderful things we have a new quest.

A. Build an underground greenhouse

Azalea Bushes
Caves Vines/Glow Berries
Glow Lichen
– Moss Block/Moss Carpet
– Rooted Dirt/Hanging Roots
Spore Blossoms

B. Explore the caves

– Find an Axolotl and gain the achievement The Healing Power of Friendship!
– Find a Glow squid
– Use a candle in a cave
– Find out the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite
– Find a “Tuff” ?
– Shear some Glow Lichen
– Obtain an Amethyst

C. Build a trap

Powder Snow

D. Protect our house

Lightening Rod

E. Become a better explorer


For more information on each of the items checkout a brief breakdown on PC Gamer

Leaderboard finally in Minecraft

It is now possible to view the Leaderboard in Minecraft itself with the help of the ImageMaps plugin running on a Spigot server.

To do this:

  • Create a Spigot Minecraft server
  • Add the ImageMaps plugin
  • Change the EXPORT_PATH to be that of the ImageMaps input directory
  • Change the EXPORT_AS_IMAGE to be true

More information can be found at the bottom of the README on github or you can have a quick look through the following video of how to do it.

30 Day LEGO Challenge

What’s more stressful, the onset of a pandemic or the reality that your children will be at home with you for the foreseeable future.  If the answer is the latter then to provide a welcome interlude for your kids, StaticVOID has set up a pandemic relief Minecraft world in the form of a daily build challenge, motivated by a 30 day lego challenge.

Each day a new block will appear with a button attached.  Click the button and be transported to a new island where signposts will inform you of the days challenge.

Please remember to be respectful to other peoples creations and work together.  NO lava or TNT, just fun building.


  • Make sure you have Minecraft – JAVA Edition installed
  • Email with your username and ask to be added to 30 Days of LEGO
  • Go to multiplayer server
  • Follow the signs to the 30 Days of LEGO (Look for the Pink portal and jump in)


Realm : The Great Fire of London

To celebrate the fantastic work commissioned by the Museum of London, Static Void is currently hosting the Pre-fire London world for you to play in.  More details can be found at the Museum of London’s website.

Once in the Realm retrace Samuel Pepys steps with the aid of the BBC Culture site.  The first person to collect all of the hidden records in the world wins one adult and one child ticket to the Fire Fire exhibition.  Check your progress against everyone else on the Fire Fire Leaderboard.  Once you find yourself in the world retrace

Realm connection details at the bottom of the page.




Happy Halloween

It’s almost halloween time and to celebrate we are inviting a few star players to join us for a round of trick-or-treating.

All you have to do is:

  • Log on to Ona’s World (Server details at the bottom of the page)
  • Build yourself a house with pumpkins at the door.
  • On Halloween night between 5 and 6pm log on and visit everyones house.

Be as inventive as you like and remember to have a trick or a treat at your house for your visitors.