We have created a number of worlds for you to help test our creations and generally just have some fun.

  • StaticVoid Worlds – A sandbox of worlds for anyone to try out various creations and mods.
  • Onas World – A cloud cukoo land of random creations.  Passport to the world by invitation only.

However the question we’ve been asked is how do you connect to these worlds.

Follow the 5 simple steps below to connect one of the worlds.

  1. Launch  and login with your details.  You need to have purchased  to do this and know your username and password (hopefully you have this one already covered)


2. Hit the PLAY button and then select multiplayer at the home page

3. Select to add a new server.

4. Then enter the details of the server you wish to connect to.  You can find the details of all the servers right at the bottom, on the left of this page.  Scroll down and have a look … the details will be something like minecraft.staticvoid.co.uk:25575, which is Onas World, just depends on which one you want to connect to.

5. Click Done and you should be presented with the server details where you can click on the server and then click Join Server. (If it hasn’t appeared just click refresh)