The instructions below will help you install all the bits required to get MinecraftForge running with Minecraft.  However if you really wanted to just get the mods available here up and running quickly then have a look at modpacks

All the development work for minecraft has been carried out using MinecraftForge.  This makes it easy to add mods just by downloading MinecraftForge and using your existing login details.

So to get going you need to do the following:

  • Install Minecraft on a your PC / Mac.
  • Install MinecraftForge
  • Add your mods

Install Minecraft

1. Download Minecraft from

Install MinecraftForge

MinecraftForge is a small modification to Minecraft which enables you to add modifications (mods) which have been made by other people.  You can switch between the MinecraftForge version and the normal version of Minecraft just by changing the minecraft profile when you start Minecraft.

1. Download MinecraftForge from their download site ( You are looking for 1.8.

2. When you’ve clicked the link, wait for about 10 seconds for the Ad to complete then click Skip Ad from the top right to download the minecraftforge.jar file.


3. Open the file and select to install the client.


4. Download the mod file and place it in :

PC : %appdata%/.minecraft/

Mac : ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

N.B. Create the /mods folder if it does not already exist.


5. When you fire up Minecraft select the “Forge” profile and then Play

6. If everything has been success full you should be able to see the mods you have installed.



UPDATE : Please note recently did the above and minecraft fell over with an exception along the lines of:

  • Navigate to .minecraft/
  • Open options.txt with an editor
  • Change the line renderDistance:XX to something like renderDistance:12
  • Save the file

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