The Rare Items mod was created because of MiniSlackmore’s love of geology.  He wanted to make tools and armour based around rare materials. So far the mod only contains Ruby and Soapstone but there will be more to follow with the help of LeLeAisling and MinorSlackmore.


  • Ruby Ore can be found at about the same level as Iron Ore
  • Wearing both boots and leggings will enable you to walk through lava
  • Ruby is exceptionally hard much like diamond armour.
  • Sword is exceptionally deadly.
  • You can create a Ruby Bow and Ruby Arrows. When firing a normal arrow from a ruby bow the arrow will ignite. When firing a Ruby Arrow from a Ruby Bow the result is very explosive.
  • Soapstone Ore can be found at about the same level as Iron Ore
  • Boots will help you move at a much faster speed due to their slippery nature.  Look out for the soapy trails you leave behind.


You can create all elements of armour, tools and weapons using Ruby and their common recipes.  Two which are worth mentioning are shown below.

Bow & Arrow

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.05.35 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.07.14



See the downloads page for the latest version.